A new flock of bird boxes

The Aircraft Bird Boxes are weather-proof bird houses made from intricate and unusually shaped fresh air ducting from an Airbus A320 passenger jet. An original set was made as part of Kevin’s Supersized Salvage, Kevin McCloud’s channel4 programme from 2014. Each section of pipe is unique making each bird box an original handcrafted product.SUGGESTED_CROP_birdbox1

Upcycling vehicles often focuses on the high value, desirable parts made from precious metals or popular recognisable parts. The bird boxes are neither and celebrate the unusual forms of the strange hidden parts of the aircraft. The pipework is unrecyclable and would have ended up as landfill. The pipes are made from a resin fibre material which whilst very light weight is very durable. The entrances are made from polished fuel pipe fittings and the perches from 1st class coat hooks.

The bird boxes are on display and available to purchase in Shoreditch, London at upcycling outlet Elemental. The boxes are a set of 11 pieces but can be acquired separately. Previous customers and have installed both indoor and out.


This new set of bird boxes have been photographed by Sophie Broadbridge.

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