• Sidecar

    A320 Amphibious Sidecar

    A creation we made for a talk at Grand Designs Live. A sidecar and boat from an A320 wing fairing.

  • A new batch of a320 airducting birdboxes

    We’ve released a new batch of Airducting bird boxes.

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Project Speedboat – Part One

The Cockroach – Pedal-Powered Motorhome


The Pedal-Powered Motorhome – Part 1

Creating a bicycle-driven mobile home, all from waste, almost. This first part sees us attempting to put together a working chassis from old bikes.


Christmas Tree Made from 1500 Pens

I was given a bulk load of faulty pens direct from the factory.. so I made a Christmas tree. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

Hospital Bed Desk

We made a new desk for the workshop from an old motorised hopsital bed. You can see our making video here:

Aircraft Workshop was setup by Harry Dwyer and Charlie Waller after the success of Kevin McCloud’s upcycling Channel4 programme, Kevin’s Supersize Salvage. Based on the banks of the Thames in London’s historic Docklands, Harry and Charlie are continuing to make their products from the ever-growing supply of decommissioned aircraft.

A video of the Airbus A320 being transported into the workshop.

We recently worked on a new US TV show on FYI called Trashformers with Brooks Atwood, Tiffany Threadgould, Tim Sway and Gaylen Hamilton. The three episodes of the upcycling TV show are being aired July 2015. It features a light aircraft, a big yellow school bus and a Ferris wheel.



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